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The Festive Season is Officially Upon Us


Nothing says ”festive cheer” quite like a beautiful decorative wreath!
Have some fun by making your own indigenous fynbos version this season.

You will need:

  • A wire frame wreath form (from a florist, craft or hardware store)
  • Garden clippers/wire cutters
  • Green floral wire
  • Foliage and flowers of your choice
  • We recommend: Indigenous fynbos for a local touch (use fresh or dried and dyed) Red Leucadendron, Kol Kol (Berzelia) and Green and white Babijiras proteas for great combination of reds, greens and whites for Christmas cheer.
  • Craft glue and brush
  • Glitter (gold and silver)
  • Elastic rubber bands

1. Bunch together the foliage of your choice and tie with elastic bands
2. Attach to wire frame with floral tape (wind the tape around the bunch at least 3 X to secure it.)
3. Attach further bunches until the frame is full, moving around.
4. Paint larger leaves with glue and sprinkle glitter over tor extra flair!

Watch this handy video for tips:

We appreciate your support and partnership during 2018.
We look forward to an even more fruitful (and flowerful) collaboration in 2019 and beyond!

Please note: Our offices close 21 December 2018 and reopen 7 January 2019.