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DIY Activity for September


Promise in a Pot (Month 2) - Butterfly Banquet Window Box

Outdoors, nature is casting off its icy winter blanket. Golds, browns, and warm reds are fading to the background, replaced by bright and bold greens. New shoots, fresh leaves, and revived lawn all form part of the new tapestry. Spring and summer are made for nature’s celebrations. The days are longer and brighter, giving us more opportunity to enjoy the sunshine. Even those who work during office hours get the chance to enjoy the garden in summer, as the sun only sets later into the evening.

One of the best ways to get an early start on spring is to invest in a little promise. The promise of colour, the promise of bees, butterflies, and birds. A promise in a pot is a windowsill filled with joy, designed to attract all the garden dwellers we love and welcome.

Can you imagine? It’s summer, about 3 months from now, you wake up and open the curtains to look outside. As you greet the day, the colours of Marigolds, Erigeron, and Salvia smile up at you from the window ledge. That’s the magic of a promise in a pot, it changes your whole day by wiring your brain for happiness. Let’s make a promise in a pot:

What you will need:
A window box and attachments to secure the box to the window
Potting mix
Weed barrier cloth
Drainage stones
Flowers which will be food for the butterflies (we used the plants Marigolds, Erigeron, and a variety of Salvia)

Making Your Window Box

Step 1
The first step is to take precautionary measures against weeds, and stop the soil from falling through the cracks. After all, we want to create a window box that will deliver on the promise of beauty and butterflies. Place the weed cloth in the bottom of the pot, and cover the entire base of the pot evenly with a layer of drainage stones. Once the drainage stones are in place, cover them with the potting soil.

Step 2
Now that your basics are in place, you can add your plants. You will need to consider the location of your box, especially in terms of how much sun and shade it will get because this will determine which flowers you can plant, based on their sun/shade needs. We used Marigolds, Erigeron, and Salvia, but you can use any flowers you love that will attract bees and butterflies. You could choose geraniums, nasturtiums, or certain species of lavender, too. It’s best to acquire your plants as seedlings rather than plants and allow them to grow into the space. Once you have planted them, water them well.

Step 3
Now, it’s time to attach the box to the window. Remember to choose a spot that is suitable for your plants. Alongside the correct sun and shade, check the air circulation, some plants will battle if the draft is too strong.

Step 4
Enjoy! Your promise in a pot is ready. Remember to water it correctly, and the promise will deliver on its word as summer bursts to life.


Summer Celebrations in the Home and in the Garden

A butterfly banquet window box is the perfect project to start off your spring. It’s almost like a little investment for summer. It’s also a great project to involve children in the garden, and marveling at the progress of the plants will astound them. Butterflies, bees, and birds will flock to the garden, balancing the natural ecosystem in the garden, perfectly.


Source: Life is a Garden