Our aim is to increase sustainability and assist you in yielding healthy harvests over the long term. We achieve this by thinking more broadly about our clients’ needs, and by adding value. This fresh approach to doing business means we offer you not only the best products available, but also dedicated consulting resources.

Today Atlantic Fertilisers is widely recognised as a supplier of premium high-quality fertilisers.



We offer unique services, this is why you should choose us.

Our consultants take necessary soil samples across your farm.

Areas are GPS referenced for future evaluation and your soils
are then analysed by accredited laboratories.

Results are then evaluated by our team who take your region’s climatic
conditions and your previous farming and fertiliser practices into account to
determine which product package will work best for you.

We are always a phone call away and available with advice,
feedback and follow up visits.



  • Wim Joubert
    “Since I started working with Atlantic Fertilisers, I could see the difference in my trees!”
    Wim Joubert
    Cape Dry Fruit Packers
  • Dirkie Mouton - Head Viticulturist
    “The application of this organic fertiliser improves the structure and the quality of the soil and the results have been obvious to see.”
    Dirkie Mouton - Head Viticulturist
    Rust en Vrede Wine Estate
  • Charles Jordan
    “Ons kan ons sukses grootliks toeskryf aan die grondkondisioneringsprodukte van Atlantic Fertilisers. Ons gebruik Bio Ganic en Bio Rock wat wonders in ons wingerd verrig.”
    Charles Jordan
    Consortium Fruit
  • Valota Farming
    “Thank you for being part of our growing journey.”
    Valota Farming
  • Jaco Visser, Senior Farm Manager
    Bio Ganic – “It’s very easy and safe to use and you can’t go wrong if Kirstenbosch also recommends it.” – Jaco Visser, Senior Farm Manager, La Motte Wine Estate
    Jaco Visser, Senior Farm Manager
    La Motte Wine Estate