Create an indoor paradise with Delicious Monster
November 20, 2019
Bedding Bestie: Aquilegia vulgaris
November 20, 2019
Create an indoor paradise with Delicious Monster
November 20, 2019
Bedding Bestie: Aquilegia vulgaris
November 20, 2019

The Aloe family is found all over Africa with many species indigenous to South Africa. Most Aloes are drought tolerant, which makes them a great waterwise plant.

Aloe plants come in many varieties, with some well-suited for indoor growth. One of the more common potted types, the Aloe vera, has an understated elegance with characteristic fleshy cool-green leaves making it perfect for creating a beautifully trendy decoration in a vase. You can find a selection of Aloe’s at your nearest Garden Centre, that you could use to create a centerpiece that will be sure to get the guests at your next dinner party talking.

What you will need:

  1. Aloe plant
  2. Glass vase
  3. River sand (coarse sand)
  4. Decorative stones (depending on your preference these could be natural stones, gem stones or decorative glass stones)

How to make your decorative Aloe in a vase table centerpiece:

Step 1: Add some sand in the bottom of the vase

Step 2: Place a few of the stones on top of the sand

Step 3: Place the Aloe plant in the vase

Step 4: Add more sand and stones until desired look is created

Do not add water!

How to care for your Aloe:

Aloes are low maintenance plants that require little care.

Whilst in the vase, do not water.

Choosing a Location – Place Aloe plants near a sunny window where they receive plenty of indirect sunlight. Too much bright, direct sunlight can brown the leaves. Rotate the vase once or twice a week so that all sides of the Aloe receive equal lighting.

Your Aloe will not be able to survive indefinitely in this decorative vase jar. After a few weeks you will need to pot your Aloe.

Potting your Aloe

Plant your Aloe plant in a pot that contains at least one large drainage hole and is 5 to 8 cm’s larger in diameter than the base of the aloe plant. Drainage is important because too much moisture around aloe’s roots can cause root rot. Plant the Aloe in a soil mixture formulated for cacti and other succulents, or combine equal parts potting soil and coarse sand to make your own mix.

When to Water

Water the Aloe plant only when the soil has dried out completely, or every few weeks.

Pour water onto the soil near the base of the plant until the soil is thoroughly wet. Allow the pot to fully drain for about 30 minutes, and then promptly empty any excess water that has drained into the pot’s drip tray.

Fertilising the Plant

Aloe plants generally do not require fertiliser, although applying it on occasion can help a plant that doesn’t seem as healthy as it should. Fertilise the plant in mid-spring by diluting with water a liquid fertiliser formulated for houseplants.