1Why should I choose Atlantic Fertilisers?
We own the process from start to finish, allowing us to make sure that quality is built into the product and service, through every step.
Our manufacturing facility is audited annually by an independent compliance body ensuring that all processes meet international standards.
No weed seed, no pathogens, no metals – only the good stuff!
2What if my dog eats the fertiliser?
Our products are organic and contain no harmful pathogens, if they eat too much it might upset their stomach, however no harmful effects have been reported.
3Where can I purchase your products?
Our products are available at all major Garden Centre’s nationwide, as well as at all Builders Warehouse/Express stores and all Kaap Agri Stores.
If you are still unsure, pop us a message and we locate the closest store to you!
4Do your products work?
Yes, they do work!
Our products are used extensively by professionals in agriculture and horticulture.
5Can Atlantic products be used in a compost tea?
We are aware that some people do make a tea from our products and they claim that they get good results. However, the products are not completely water soluble and are slow release, they are designed to break down over time in the soil whilst adding organic matter and assisting the beneficial bacteria.
We would recommend either working it into the soil or broadcasting it on top the soil.
6I purchased Bio Ocean fertiliser and it appears to have a white mold on it. Is it something to be worried about?
Moulds develop most often when there is sufficient moisture and a lack of air, so moulds could be common in bagged organic fertiliser.
They (white mould) are however not problematic and will not harm your soil or plants, they are in fact just an excess of fungi which helps to break down organic matter.
7What is your recommended rate of application for vegetable seedlings initially and then as they grow?
For best result on Vegetable Seedlings we would recommend Bio Ocean, 100g/m2 on planting and 50g/m2 thereafter every 4 – 6 weeks.
Use evenly over the whole bed.
8Can I use Atlantic Fertiliser on my bonsai tree? If yes, which product do you recommend?
We would reccomend Bio Ganic for Lawns - it has the same composition as All Purpose but is in a crumble form and will be easier to apply in Bonsai pots.