Atlantic is 100% South African owned and has been manufacturing organic fertilisers since 2001.
In this time, we have grown to be one of the biggest and most trusted manufacturers of organic fertilisers in South Africa.
Unlike other companies we do not buy in our product, or outsource our work, we own the process from
manufacturing to marketing, sales and distribution. In this way we control the value chain from beginning to end.
Our company’s focus is on keeping soils healthy and nutrient rich and keeping soil ecosystems in balance.
Our aim is to increase sustainability and assist you in growing healthy and vibrant gardens over the long term.
We achieve this by thinking more broadly about vour clients’ needs, and by adding value.
This fresh approach to doing business means we offer you not only the best products available, but also products tailored to your conditions.


To become the first choice in the home and garden industry by providing high quality products, innovations and value to all stakeholders.


We aim to achieve our vision by continuous innovation, product and people development, synergistic partnerships, as well as providing expertise and efficiency to our customers.