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November 20, 2019
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January in the Garden
November 20, 2019
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For the LOVE of succulents

The month of love is sweetly scented with promises, chocolates, and the perfume of red roses. Valentine’s Day is around the corner as wedding season stretches on for a few more weeks. Whether you’re wooing for the first time, or planning party favours for your big day, an original touch to your gifting goes a long way, and what could be better than an affordable gift that’s handmade from the heart?

Succulents have been a hot trend for some time and continue to take centre stage in the most beautiful arrangements and water-wise gardens. They also make original and thoughtful gifts that will bring joy to the recipient for years to come. Neatly planted into a small pot, they’re easy to present but easy to transplant later on, and creating the gifts is fairly simple and inexpensive.

What you will need:

● Small succulents
● Small containers (with drainage holes)
● Well-draining soil
● Hessian or ribbon
● Decorative pins
● Small white stones
● Small ice-cream sticks or name card holders
● Printed “favour” or piece of paper and a pen

How the activity works:

Step 1: Begin with the basics
Wrap your containers in hessian, securing it with decorative pins. A few pretty ribbons or lace details might add a beautiful feminine touch.

Step 2: Plant the succulents
You can plant your succulents now, one in each container. Be sure to plant them into moist soil. It is important to have drainage holes for excess water because succulents are desert-plants and do not tolerate wet roots well.

Step 3: Preparing to plant
Place a bit of soil into each container, leaving enough room for the plants. To check that your soil will offer enough drainage, wet it and squeeze it in your fist. If it stays in a ball, add some perlite or sand.

Step 4: Adding the decorative touches
A name/thank you card is an opportunity to personalise the gift to your heart’s content. It can say anything, a personal message, a simple thank you or an inspirational quote about love. A sprinkling of decorative beads or pebbles around the plant finishes it off to perfection.

Step 5: Maintenance
Succulents need gentle sunlight every day. They also require a thorough drenching of the soil bimonthly, and excellent draining is imperative to prevent pooling. Avoid spritzing your succulents because this causes smaller weak roots to form above the ground. A heavy drenching of the soil encourages your succulent to grow strong roots beneath the soil. In their natural desert habitat, succulents receive heavy rains very occasionally and in order for them to thrive it is important to try and mimic this pattern.

Ta-da! A beautiful gift that keeps giving
Any fallen leaves can be gathered and regrown, they will sprout fine little roots and turn into plants. Guests can take these favours home and think back on your big day with fondness as they watch their succulent grow and blossom, like love. Each passing anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on your love and the way your relationship has grown as you tend your succulent collection.