March in the Garden
November 20, 2019
An Introduction to Hydroponics
November 20, 2019
March in the Garden
November 20, 2019
An Introduction to Hydroponics
November 20, 2019

“He hops along
The rabbit small,
With soft white fur
And ears so tall
So quietly, you’d never say
That anyone had come this way”


Easter is coming and with it comes the joy of coloured eggs, treasure hunts, hot cross buns and long weekends. Keeping the children busy will help to channel that energy into creativity, leaving a lasting memento. Here’s how to make a gorgeous bunny planter – just in time for Easter!

What you will need:

2 cleaned and dried tin cans, with drainage holes made
2 sheets of white felt
2 sheets of pink felt
4 large googly eyes
2 large white or pink pom poms
2 small plants (We used petunias)
2 small pots that fit into the can, to house the small plants
Fabric glue
Permanent marker
Cardboard (optional)

How the activity works:

Step 1: Prepare the can
Ensure the can is clean and dry. There should be no sharp edges sticking up, if there are, press them down into the can using a blunt object. Make sure there is nothing that could snag or cut your skin. Get an adult to make some drainage holes in the bottom of the can, with a sharpened screwdriver, or a nail and hammer.

Step 2: Add colour
Measure and cut some white felt to fit round the can. Apply some glue to the can and fit the felt securely.

Step 3: Add bunny ears
Trace the shape you would like your bunny ears to be, onto cardboard and then use the template to cut the felt. Trace the inside of the bunny ears onto the cardboard pink felt – they should be the same shape but smaller in size – and repeat the process. Fold the felt to ensure you are cutting two ears out at once. You can now glue the pink ears onto the centre of the white ears.

Step 4: Add bunny feet
Cut out bunny feet using the cardboard and white felt. Make the top of the feet rounded and bring the bottom inwards, or you can make the bottom flat, as we did in the picture. Feel free to choose the size of your bunny as you wish – larger is cuter.

Step 5: Add toes to the feet
Cut little toes and soles out, using the pink felt. There should be three toes and one sole per foot. Your little bunny nose will also come from this pink felt. A triangle with rounded edges is perfect.

Step 6: Attach the bunny’s features
Once the glue has dried a bit, you can attach the bunny’s features. The pom-pom will be the tail, so stick it at the back using the fabric glue. Assemble all the various bits as necessary – the ears, the eyes, the nose, and you can also draw a little mouth neatly below the nose.

Step 7: Planting
The glue will need a few hours to dry properly. While that is happening, add some drainage stones to the cans and plant the small plants into the pots. Be sure to water thoroughly and allow the water to drain over the sink or outside. When the glue is dry, you can place your newly potted plants into the bunny planter and voila!

Happy Easter!