Kids Activity Article for January
November 20, 2019
January in the Garden
November 20, 2019
Kids Activity Article for January
November 20, 2019
January in the Garden
November 20, 2019

Create an indoor jungle paradise – with the lovely delicious monster (Monstera deliciosa)

The new style everyone loves for their interiors is a show of exciting jungle leaves. The refreshing greens are eye-catching and uplifting – the perfect way to start the new year. Green is also an easy colour to decorate with, it goes with any other palette. It’s no wonder this new fashion has taken the world by storm!

Jungles galore decorate the walls, the shelves, the bathrooms, even the gardens of the trendiest homes and offices. The lush greens and bright leaves are irresistible – perhaps it’s some instinctual recognition of our ancient humanoid roots and recognition of our early habitats. Perhaps it’s just a modern-day style winner. Either way, ‘jungling’ your indoor space is the hottest decor trend. The ultimate ingredient to put that forest fun into your decor is the delicious monster (also known as the Swiss cheese plant).

How to incorporate the delicious monster into your decor

There are different ways to incorporate the delicious monster into your decor. You could make it super real with actual plants, use pictures, or other delicious monster-related merchandise. The actual plants will require a little ongoing work, they’re easy to grow and assist in air purification in the home. You can even use the leaves in a vase, as part of a floral decoration, or on its own for the gorgeous green jungalow look.

How to grow delicious monsters indoors

As gorgeous and jungle-like as they are, delicious monsters need a fairly constant indoor temperature, ideally around 23 or 24 degrees during the day. Ensure they have a spot that will give them those conditions.

Delicious monsters also enjoy areas with lots of light, although direct sunlight is not necessary. During spring and summer, they enjoy liberal water once a week, thereafter, you can halve their watering. To prevent waterlogging their roots, check the soil before you water them. If the soil is dry 2cm beneath the soil, you can add a little water. Add a dash of quality indoor plant feed every two months for the best growth.

Keep an eye on your delicious monster plant as it grows, and repot when necessary. Also bear in mind that it’s a climber, and may need some type of support as it grows. Try a wooden trellis – this will add to the earthy, jungalow feel.

For that foresty gleam, clean their leaves with an approved leaf shine. This will help to keep the dust off and keep them looking glossy and fresh. Visit your local GCA Garden Centre for advice on this product.

Delicious monster merchandise decor

Colourful rugs, fake plants, wallpaper, and framed pictures all invite the trendsetter’s eyes closer. Delicious monster plants have become such a style icon, they’re used on every manner of decor – from candles to picture frames. If you want to make the jungle effect work without using any real plants, opt for large emblems. Avoid purchasing too many and placing them in the same room. It won’t have that natural forest feel, it will tend towards a delicious monster gift shop.

Can’t find the delicious monster decor you want? Make it!

Put the forest on your wall, neatly framed and delightfully insect-free. You can DIY this at home! Follow these simple steps:

1. Find high-resolution images on Google (around 6000 x 4000 pixels). You can source high-res images by including the term “high resolution” in your search. You can also specify the size images you want in Google’s image tools.
2. Download your images. You might need to purchase the images, this is a step-by-step process you will be guided through if you are on a website that allows for purchasing. Once you have made the purchase (if you selected a paid image), you can download it.
3. Email your image to your local printing store. Ensure you tell them to print the image in a high resolution, and be clear about the size paper you want. A1 is lovely and bold if you have a large space, alternative, A2 works perfectly too. It’s about finding the size that works for your space.
4. Once your printing is done, you’re off to the framing store.

The end result can be hung over a small bookcase or above a shelf. Accessorise with one or two small items to perfect the picture.