Root health enhances soil health and soil fertility
July 8, 2021
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Farm to Table: Potatoes
September 6, 2021

Establishing Perennial crops: It is time to start planning again and to do the soil preparation of virgin soils for the establishment of perennial crops or the replacement of existing hectares that has reached the end of their lifetime.

The increase in land costs forces producers to utilise poorer soils and try to develop soil fertility levels to adequate levels where it will be sufficient to maintain permanent crops and produce optimum yields.

Soil classification and sampling must take place in advance, after which the necessary chemical and organic corrections are made. Tillage must take place subsequently to achieve well-ventilated soil fertility, which will serve as a foundation for years to come.   From the first season, the focus needs to be on well-managed irrigation and fertigation practices, to ensure that a healthy system is developed from the root zone.

Atlantic Fertilisers offer technical support with your soil preparation and advise on fertigation programs for young trees and older bearing orchards.

The continuous building and supporting of the biological activity in the soil, the implementation of cover crops, mulching practices and the addition of nutrients at the right concentrations and quantities are the methods to follow.  This is to ensure the successful establishment of crops with top yields.

Atlantic Fertiliser’s product range consists of soil conditioners based on composted, pelletised chicken manure and enriched chicken manure products, (especially for sandy and rocky soils).  Another very popular bio-stimulant is the fish hydrolysate “Ocean Nutrition”, which compliments these products. In addition, water-soluble products, as well as trace elements and foliar spray products complete the range.

Growers can look forward to great yields and healthy balanced soil.

You are welcome to contact us to help with the successful establishment of your perennial crops.