Water Gardening
October 1, 2023
October Garden Checklist
October 1, 2023
Water Gardening
October 1, 2023
October Garden Checklist
October 1, 2023

Top 10 tips on how to get the most from your garden 

Garden Day is on Sunday the 15th  of October, although we’ll certainly be celebrating all month long! Life is a Garden invites you to become part of this special occasion by taking the time to really enjoy the fruits of your labour. Join us as we offer inspiration on how you can get the most from your garden and include time with your plants as part of your everyday routine and event hosting. 

Top 10 tips on how to get the most from your garden: 

1). Morning coffee nook 

Try changing up your morning routine to allow for 10 minutes of welcoming the day amongst your plants and a cuppa’. This should put you in a great mood and set a peaceful pace for the rest of your day.

2). Experiment and expand

Dare to grow something exotic and different this summer. Look for plants and edibles that excite you and that you may not have thought to grow before. You may also want to experiment with a different growing style such as trailing, creepers, or cascading baskets.

3). Festivity-ready 

Is your garden ready to host a little get-together without you needing to set up first? Consider installing flood lights, fairy lights, chimes, and other permanent garden accessories. Also look into what weather-resistant furniture you can include that’s always occasion-ready. Having a space that’s open to receiving guests may take a lot of pressure off the host. 

4). Outdoor storage

Invest in an outdoor cupboard or crate where all your scatter pillows, throws, and other goodies can be easily stored and taken out to use. This also reduces trips back to the house and makes the effort feel less when your outdoor essentials are organised nearby for easy access. 

5). Cocktail corner

Growing garnish for all your favourite cocktails is another way to encourage more time with your plants. Harvesting herbs quickly becomes a fab habit and you’ll likely never want store-bought herbs again. Add a couple of comfy chairs and decorate with your scatter pillows, conveniently stored inside your outdoor cupboard. 

6). Hang around

Hammocks are everything and will change the way you chill forever! It’s important to choose practical and comfortable hammocks that will safely hold you. Avoid hammocks that are solid cloth as these can become very hot. Rather go for netted hammocks that will allow your skin to breathe and cool down in the breeze. 

7). Wildlife watching 

If you really want to get the most from your garden, plants for pollinators and bird baths are a must. Happy helpers will remember your garden as a trusted refreshment post and will keep returning for your viewing pleasure.  Get a bird and butterfly book for the coffee table and become a local fauna expert while you’re at it.

8). Picnic perfect 

Eating outdoors is always special, but a stay-cation picnic under your false olive tree (Buddleja saligna), amongst the tulips is even better! Try growing even a small patch of lush evergreen grass as your dedicated family lunch spot, just big enough for a blanket and some yummies. 

9). Play away 

A tire swing, a place to make mud cakes, and a ‘pick-me’ pot are just some cost-effective invitations for kids to play and enjoy the garden with you. Help foster an appreciation and connection with Mother Nature by incorporating a space of exploration for the young ones and their friends. 

10). Keep it simple

Grow only a few of your favourite edibles and keep it simple. Large veggie gardens can often feel overwhelming when you have a lot on your plate with work, family, and general adulating. Even just one fruit tree or berry bush may be all you need. 

Enjoy celebrating garden month and cultivating your space to get the most outdoor time possible. Some say that the garden reflects your soul, so make yours beautiful! Life is a Garden, and it is worth enjoying!

Source: Life is a Garden