Self-parenting plants
December 1, 2023
December in the Garden
December 1, 2023
Self-parenting plants
December 1, 2023
December in the Garden
December 1, 2023

Poolside Gardens

When you’re a gardener, pool parties are all about the plants! Transform your backyard into a palm beach or rolling grassland, and how about a tropical paradise or trendy minimalistic look? Whatever your vibe is, we’ve got the perfect poolside gardening inspiration for your summer entertaining. Choose your theme, pick your plants, and head over to your GCA Garden Centre. Remember to check growing instructions and grab a bag of compost and fertiliser.

Poolside planting – the do’s and don’ts

The last thing you want is to be stressed out by maintenance or constantly needing to replace pool filters because of rotting leaves. Therefore, here are some plants to avoid and factors to consider when creating your poolside paradise.

  • Don’t: Plant annuals that shed during autumn, littering the pool and surrounding area.
  • Do: Plant evergreens that are always jolly and low maintenance.
  • Don’t: Grow soft fruit trees like plums and apricots that’ll drop and rot around the space.
  • Do: Go for hard-shelled, non-shedding edible trees such as lemons or lychee.
  • Don’t: Plant flowers too close to the pool as petals can become a nuisance.
  • Do: Choose evergreen ferns and ornamental grasses that don’t shed.
  • Don’t: Grow herbs or lavender that attract bees (if this is a concern for your family).
  • Do: Include a few rocks around for harmless and helpful dragonflies to bask on.
  • Don’t: Plant trees with large invasive root systems that may damage pool infrastructure.
  • Do: Rather plant trees in containers to ensure your paving and pool is safe.

Swimmingly elegant themes

Design your ideal backyard and display your expert landscaping skills with one of these gorgeous themes to flow through your space. Planting palms is one of the easiest ways to create a lush, island getaway feel, especially when paired with a boma, some beach sand, and wooden deck chairs. Here is some more inspiration to get you going. 

Palm Beach – best for beginners and trending now.

Plant these exotic, evergreen palms in beds or containers for a stunning island style look. Palms are also a great tree choice for security reasons as they are difficult to climb and won’t provide any footing for potential trespassers. They can be pruned easily to accommodate your shade/sun requirements near the pool.

  • Sabal palm (Sabal palmetto) is an elegant statement maker reaching heights of 15 metres. They like full sun, loamy/sandy soil, and can handle both drought and coastal conditions. They boast long trunks and full canopies of beach vibe fun!
  • Sago palm (Cycus spp.) has the benefit of flourishing in shade or semi-sun. They need well-drained soil in containers and beds with a good fertiliser to get them going. These palms have short trunks and are well suited for smaller gardens.
  • Cane palms (Dypsis lutescens) are the epitome of tropical sophistication with thin, frond-like, arching leaves growing on slender cane stems. A fab contender for patio pots with bright light or in beds receiving full sun/semi-shade. *frost tender
  • Windmill palm (Trachycarpus fortunei) is a hardy stunner, sure to add ambience to your landscape with large leaves that sway in the wind. They reach heights of 12 metres and do well in pots or beds. Plant them as a focal point in semi-shade areas.
  • Mediterranean fan palms (Chamaerops humilis) are filled with character and spunk! They have multiple brown trunks of fibrous bark and triangular leaves. Try planting them as unique hedging for added privacy in sun to semi-shaded areas.

Tropical Paradise

Bring in added theme enhancers such as hammocks, suspended chairs, macramé hangers, and bright floral furniture covers and pillowcases to go with these jungle contenders.

  • Bird of paradise
  • Hibiscus
  • Canna
  • Passionflower vine
  • Papyrus
  • Sun coleus
  • Philodendron
  • Banana trees

The Smart Minimalist

Pair these water-wise, super low maintenance succulents with a white pebbled walkway, large stepping slabs, and neat bed edges. Go for simple containers with striking foliage.

  • Spekboom varieties
  • Sedum
  • Sempervivum
  • Senecio
  • Cotyledon
  • Rolling Grasslands

Ornamental grass varieties are fast and simple vibe starters. Plant them as borders around focal plants, along pathways, or right next to the pool where strands will soon take a dip.

  • Yellow foxtail grass (Alopecurus pratensis ‘Aureus’)
  • Giant reed (Arundo donax)
  • Fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum ‘Rubrum’)
  • Zebra grass
  • Feather grass (Stipa)

Summer really does give gardeners a chance to play and experiment! What’s more, whatever you plant now will develop well with strong root systems to better withstand harsh winters and winds. Prevent diseases by using quality potting soil, compost, and fertiliser that is suited for your new arrivals. Ask your GCA Garden Centre advisor for assistance when choosing. Your Life is a Garden, so get sexy with it in the African sunshine!

Source: Life is a Garden