Atlantic Fertilisers’ approach to regular, constant nutrition achieves great success across a wide crop spectrum, including the fruit industry.

Allie Burger from the Eikenhof farm uses Atlantic Fertilisers’ products as it contains all the nutrients to meet his fruit requirements. It is of utmost importance to apply the right nutrients at the right concentration at the right development stage, especially during challenging climatic conditions.

Burger says the drought helps identify the orchards which are not performing optimally. Where necessary, the orchards are renewed, or other cultivars are considered. Young trees use a lot less water than mature fruit bearing trees and are a temporary solution to help alleviate the pressure on the irrigation water.

Another well-known farmer in the industry, Freek Rossouw, also uses Atlantic Fertilisers products. Careful management and observation resulted in Rossouw making use of the water-soluble products. Further attention is given to soil health using Bio Ganic as a soil conditioner.

Taking soil samples and leaf samples plays an important role in determining both the fertility status of the soil and the nutritional status of the plant. Both Burger and Rossouw use these measurements to ensure that they are maximising their results.

A consistent fruit harvest is the goal, however water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. By using Atlantic Fertilisers products they are making sure that every drop of water counts.