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February 27, 2020
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April 8, 2020

When establishing citrus trees all the rules of soil preparation for permanent crops apply.

Perhaps even more so, as citrus with its shallow and sensitive root system needs good drainage and aeration. One should also be wary of too high concentrations of fertilisers which can have an effect on the growth and root development of the citrus trees. Proper irrigation management is also important and in certain soil conditions, it might be necessary to plant the trees on ridges to promote good drainage and aeration. 

After taking soil samples and applying the recommended corrective elements with phosphates, potassium, gypsum and lime as might be required, establishing the young citrus trees with Atlantic Fertilisers Bio Rock is recommended.

The use of groundcovers are also recommended as well as an application of fish hydrolysate to feed and stimulate micro-organisms which aid in the root development of the young trees.

After establishing the citrus trees, commence with the Atlantic Fertilisers young citrus tree program, which will be the regular fertigation on a 14 day cycle. The type of products used will be determined by the results of the initial soil analyses. Trace elements can also be addressed, through the irrigation system. Foliar feeding is also recommended which will aid the limited root system by supplementing macro and micro-element thus eliminating potential deficiencies.

The type of products recommended in the young citrus tree program will be determined after the scientific analyse of your soil samples.