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September 6, 2021
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November 5, 2021

Effective spring fertilisation for vineyards: The post-harvest program and yield size of the previous season will be some of the factors to consider for a timeous spring fertiliser application.

In certain instances, it might be better to apply fertiliser before bud burst.   This statement is contrary to the general perception that soil is too cold and there is not yet sufficient root activity at this stage.

The application of fertilisers through fertigation to already wet conditions, can result in low nitrogen centration’s in the soil and plant. Adequate concentrations may only be reached after the third application.  Precious time is lost, with low levels of nitrogen concentration resulting in poor shoot and bunch development.

To achieve the best results during these wet circumstances, the early application of organic-based fertilisers will help to overcome this problem.  This approach will simplify the planning of the fertigation as the use of excessive water will not be necessary on the already water saturated soils.

With the current high cost of fertiliser products, it is important to make optimal use of natural resources.  Atlantic Fertilisers’ approach with the use of Ocean Nutrition (fish hydrolysate), containing amino-acid and omega 3 oils, unlocks the soil fertility potential for plant nutrition and soil health.

Consider these following essential recommendations:

• Planned applications of organic and semi-organic fertiliser products such as Bio Ganic, 9: 1: 9 and 10: 1: 6.

• The use of Ocean Nutrition (fish hydrolysate) and Bio KelpX5 to increase root and microbial activity.

• Use of planned strategic foliar sprays with Atlantic Fertilisers Foliar and Bio KelpX5.

You can rely on Atlantic Fertilisers’ experience to help ensure your success.