Effective spring fertlisation for vineyards
October 6, 2021
Most of the nutrients are taken up by the vine during the post-harvest period
Post-harvest fertilisation
February 8, 2022

Choose the right fertiliser for pome fruit: Atlantic Fertilisers’ approach for a successful fertigation program for pome fruit, is regular applications at effective concentrations. The applications must be done with intervals of two to four weeks starting with flowering or bud-burst depending on the cultivar, ending no later than four weeks prior to harvest. This ensures that there will be enough nutrients available at the right time for the requirements of the crops.

Atlantic Fertilisers’ product range consists of soil conditioners, biostimulants, water-soluble products, as well as products for foliar sprays. Using these products in combination will ensure a complete and balanced approach, promoting soil health and crop nutrition.

The further use of Ocean Nutrition (fish hydrolysate product) will stimulate root development, feed micro-organisms and further mineralisation of nutrients, improving the availability, especially nitrogen from organic material.

A typical fertigation approach will consist of a combination of organic or semi-organic products to serve as soil conditioners and contribute to general soil fertility, followed up with specialist crop nutrition with the use of water-soluble nutrient mixtures. In addition to this, any further nutritional needs, especially micro-elements and plant energy, will be addressed with specialized foliar spray products.

EG Stofberg from the farm Dwarsberg in the Rawsonville area has been farming very successfully with these products for the past five years. The products are included in his fertigation programs by his independent consultant. Stofberg’s’ crops include apples, pears, wine grapes and citrus.

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