Most of the nutrients are taken up by the vine during the post-harvest period
Post-harvest fertilisation
February 8, 2022
Citrus tree nutrition and carbohydrate management in autumn and winter:
April 8, 2022

Dedication to soil health – The organic and enriched pelletised products, as well as liquid biostimulants, (fish hydrolysate) from Atlantic Fertilisers, play a valuable role in any fertilisation program.  It contributes towards soil fertility, crop nutrition and supports micro-organisms and soil health.

There are three product lines to consider for a more biological approach and can be used as follows:

Soil Conditioners:  “The Bio Range”

1).  Bio Ganic is a composted pelletised chicken manure product that can be included as a soil conditioner in any conventional program.  It contributes to the improvement of soil fertility, as well as nutrition for the microbial-life present in the soil, consequently improving soil structure over time.  Field trials in Vredendal compared the use of two tons of Bio Ganic to 43 cubic meters fresh manure.  Equal yields and quality in both cases were noted, as well as significant cost savings using Bio Ganic. (Watch this video for the results)!

2).  Bio Rock is a composted pelletised chicken manure product, enriched with soft rock phosphate. The product is used for the establishment of perennial crops. By mixing the correct amounts with the soil from the planting hole, a medium of diverse natural nutrients and humates is created, to support root and crop development. The use of Bio Rock gives crops an advantage over other developing crops planted without it.

3).  Bio Ocean is also a composted pelletised chicken manure product enriched with seaweed and fishmeal.  This product is especially popular with arable farming during establishment by banding it in the rows or broadcasted and tilled into the seedbed before planting. It provides a fertile background for seedling development and slow nutrient release.

Enriched Pelletised Products:  “The Bio Enrich Range” as well as prescription blends

These are composted chicken manure, nutrient-enriched and pelletised products with a variety of applications eg:

1).  Products for the establishment of grains, pastures, and legumes, broadcasted and
       banded with planters.
2).  Products to support perennial crops, especially in sandy and rocky soils.
3).  Products for the establishment and top-dress of vegetable crops.


Ocean Nutrition is a fish hydrolysate that is derived from fish through a cold enzymatic process. This product is rich in amino-acids, omega 3 fish oil, peptides, vitamins, enzymes, trace elements and proteins. The product contributes to root development, nutrition for micro-organisms and the release of nutrients, especially nitrogen from organic matter. Ocean Nutrition is absorbed directly by the plant with an indispensable contribution to soil health and plant nutrition. The product has been approved by EcoCert (an organic certification organisation) for organic farming in accordance with EU and NOP regulations.

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