Choose the right fertiliser for pome fruit
November 5, 2021
Dedication to soil health
March 10, 2022

Post-harvest fertilisation: The current high fertiliser prices can create uncertainty around post-harvest fertilisation.

The importance of post-harvest fertilisation is to provide and store reserves for the coming season. It is also one of the most important fertilisation periods of the season and is ideally applied in two instalments, i.e. one directly after harvest, and the balance 2 – 3 weeks later.

Major factors to take into consideration before planning your fertilisation applications are the removal of the crop, taking into account the current level of soil fertility, and the crop potential under ideal conditions.  High fertiliser prices will also play a big role this year.

Ideally, we would like to replace the nutrients that were removed.  However, should this not be possible, fertiliser applications can be scaled down after harvest, but must never be left out completely.  

Practices, for example, using products that help to unlock nutrients for plant uptake, can make a big contribution to the nutrition of the crop.  We are referring to the inclusion of a manure component, for instance, Bio Ganic, as well as Biostimulants like Ocean Nutrition, also known as Fish Hydrolysate.

Atlantic Fertilisers strives to provide responsible and effective fertilisation programs to clients based on experience, quality products, and technical services. Feel free to contact your representative in your area to assist you with an approach to this season, which will not only fit your pocket, but will also help ensure the success of the next season.

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