Citrus tree nutrition and carbohydrate management in autumn and winter:
April 8, 2022
Effective fertilisation practices:
June 7, 2022

A greener today is a better tomorrow! Atlantic Fertilisers uses green energy to power its factory for the manufacture of fertilisers.  It also goes hand in hand with our credo for sustainable farming practices: ‘Work with nature, not against it.’  

The company has invested in a solar system in 2020 and 25% of the production energy comes from green energy.

Efforts are always made to maintain an eco-friendlier approach to plant nutrition and soil conservation and therefore Atlantic Fertilisers offers an eco-friendly range of products for use in organic and conventional farming.

Packaging plays an important role.  We offer farmers the opportunity to return their 500kg fertiliser bags, rather than disposing them.

Most important of all, raw litter is often over-applied to land causing soil nutrient imbalances and downstream pollution.  Atlantic Fertilisers address this problem by applying composted pelletised chicken manure products, free of pathogens and weed seeds. Natural soil fertility is therefore achieved where a complete range of nutrients are slowly released.

Together with our customers, we make a positive contribution to the sustainability of our precious environment.