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July 6, 2022

Potatoes: The benefits of using BIO ENRICH, BIO ROCK, FISH HYDROLYSATE and BIO KELP X5 on sandy soils: There are several different factors that have an influence on the successful production of potatoes, which include genetics, climate, water management, soil preparation, weed control, crop protection and fertilisation.

With methodical planning, fertilisation costs can be managed to prevent the unnecessary application of fertilisers.  The level of soil fertility is measured with a soil analysis. The necessary corrections can then be made as required and a portion of the fertiliser can also be applied in advance during the preparation of the seedbed.

Potatoes respond very well to organic fertilisers, for example, composted chicken manure and compost.  Due to a limited root system at the start of the growing cycle, it’s important that a portion of the fertiliser is applied beforehand, in the area where roots and tubers will develop.

Atlantic Fertilisers’ semi-organic Bio Enrich 7:7:7(21) contributes to the general soil fertility, crop nutrition and the nutrition of micro-organisms, which is important for the mineralisation of nutrients.  

A further advantage of the Bio Enrich 7:7:7(21) is that the nutrients leach much slower in sandy soils of the Sandveld, especially with higher rainfall during the winter months.  The product is also an excellent medium through which the application of micro-elements can be applied if required.

When more organic material is required, Bio Rock can be considered instead of Bio Enrich 7.7.7(21) at the correct amount.  This approach not only includes more calcium and phosphate but is also more cost-effective compared to the standard chemical supplements.  However, when Bio Rock is used instead of the higher concentrated 7.7.7(21), the initial fertilisation, especially nitrogen and potassium applications must be increased to support the rapidly developing plant. (Feel free to contact our team to advise you on this matter).

Further practices that need to be addressed are the inclusion of amino acids and kelp products in the fertilisation program.  A soil application of Atlantic Fertilisers’ fish hydrolysate (an organic source of amino acids and nutrients) further promotes the release of nitrogen and nutrients from the soil, as well as organic matter that was applied during the preparation of the seedbed.

A foliar spray of Bio Kelp X5 can be applied between 2-3 and 5-6 weeks after emergence to promote conditions for tuber initiation and tuber size.  Bio Kelp X5 can be applied with fish hydrolysate, other foliar feeding products and fungicide sprays. (Refer to product label).

Feel free to contact the Atlantic Fertilisers team for help with a complete step-by-step approach to a successful potato harvest.