Effective fertilisation practices:
June 7, 2022
Potatoes – The benefits of using Bio Enrich, Bio Rock, Fish Hydrolysate and Bio Kelp X5 on sandy soils.
August 4, 2022

Ensure the development of strong trees and vines: Planning and establishing of perennial crops are usually major activities during the winter months.

Due to the increasing input costs year on year, proper planning and soil preparation is crucial.

Soil classification and soil sampling is necessary in order to calculate the required soil corrections that need to be made with gypsum, lime, phosphate, organic material, and other nutrient applications. – This is to achieve the desired soil fertility required for the crop in mind.

Tillage follows to achieve thorough mixing of ameliorants, breaking of restrictive layers, and well-aerated soil. These actions promote the development of healthy root systems and the longevity of the crops involved.

Bio Rock is recommended for establishing perennial crops, e.g. vines, fruit and citrus trees.

Bio Rock enhances a favourable root environment for the young vine or tree to develop strong and healthy roots.

Organic matter also serves as food for micro-organisms and contributes to overall soil health and fertility.

Bio Rock offers a balanced range of natural nutrients and humates that are applied at root depth. Mix Bio Rock well with the soil of the planting hole when planting the tree/vine.

This is followed by irrigation of the newly planted orchards to expel the air around roots and stabilise the soil.

A young tree or vine fertigation program consisting of a combination of Atlantic Fertilisers’ water-soluble products, Fish Hydrolysate and Bio Kelp X5, is applied at regular intervals to promote healthy development.

Atlantic Fertilisers’ foliar sprays can also be applied to address nutrient deficiencies that might occur due to the small root system of the newly planted trees or vines

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