Normandy Wines in the Franschhoek Valley is known for their export wines, but they also consciously farm for a sustainable future.. The transition started eight years ago when it was decided to work wìth nature versus against it, as we often unwittingly do.

Mornè Landman, winemaker and viticulturist, started by taking soil samples. After analysing the lab results, the soil was prepared accordingly, and the right cultivars selected for the environment in which they were to be established. Fertilisation was done in accordance with the varying needs of specific soils in specific areas. Mornè believes, that to be successful, you need to commit fully once you have made your decisions.

In the past, Mornè used Atlantic Fertiliser’s Bio Ganic slow-release fertiliser with success, but over the last three years he has used a combination of Atlantic’s custom-made Water Soluble and Bio Enrich (semi-organic) products.

Since using Atlantic’s young vine fertiliser programme, Normandy Wines now achieves “vines on the wire” within a year of planting, which was previously unheard of!

Pieter Lombard, Farm Manager at Normandy Wines also recently started applying their own compost in their vines to enhance water retention and further improve soils.

The estate is also very proud of a programme started 15 years ago to establish indigenous tree plantations. Invasive trees and bush have been removed over large areas and replaced with trees such as yellowwood, karee and white stinkwood. These plantations were established with Atlantic’s well proven fertiliser for tree planting: Bio Rock.

These indigenous trees are the owners’ pride and joy and they hope it will make a difference to the well being of generations to come.

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