Excellent results for strawberry growers with Atlantic Fertilisers’ Fish Hydrolysate
February 2, 2021
Wind en min water kry nie organiese saadboere onder
March 18, 2021

Atlantic Fertilisers address the importance of post-harvest fertilisation:

Post-harvest fertilisation is a necessary process to build reserves in the vine for the next growing season

Certain questions need to be asked before applying fertiliser, for example, when is the best time to feed, what products should be used and how much of it should be applied. These questions should have already been addressed in the year’s fertiliser program, but it is of the utmost importance to manage the program properly and adjust where necessary.

Keep in mind the crop’s nutritional needs to achieve target yields, the vigour growth of the block, the type of irrigation used and the method of fertiliser application.  The nutritional contribution of the general soil fertility status, as reflected by the soil analysis, is also a vital factor.

Atlantic Fertilisers’ have an experienced team who can assist with the planning of your post-harvest strategy. 

LP Möller from the farm Voorsorg in the Rawsonville area, has been using Atlantic Fertilisers’ water-soluble products for the last 10 years. 

“I struggle with sandy soil which causes the water to easily leach nutrients and the vines lose their leaves rapidly. There is only a short timeframe to apply the post-harvest fertiliser.  I have been using Atlantic Fertilisers’ products and services for the past ten years and have had constant harvests ever since. That is what is important to me.” says LP.

Feel free to contact the technical advisor in your area for further information on what Atlantic Fertilisers has to offer. Experience “growth you can measure”.

Voorsorg farm in Rawsonville