Wind en min water kry nie organiese saadboere onder
March 18, 2021
Johann Möller (left) from Atlantic Fertilisers and Andries du Toit of the Horologe Krants farm in the Rawsonville area.
Citrus plantings increase wine producer’s profitability
May 3, 2021

Swartland grain farmers strive for soil health: Eric Louw is the fourth generation on the farm Houmoed outside Moorreesburg. He has been using Atlantic Fertilisers’ product range and fertilisation programs for many years.
In the early nineties his father, Joachim, had already established medics by using minimum tillage and the correct fertilisation practices to restore the natural balances in the soil.  The risk of profitable wheat farming in the Swartland is increased by fluctuating climatic conditions, consequently, they must focus on ways to stimulate the natural processes in the soil and to eliminate temporary deficiencies that may occur during the growing season.
Eric believes in continuous improvement, and to develop he competes with himself on a yearly basis. The long-term plan is to focus on increasing the organic matter content in the soil by planting cover crops and medics in rotation with wheat.  An important step in this process is to utilize pasture to its fullest and the natural recycling of nutrients by the sheep through their manure.  Eric’s focus on natural processes provides for a stable income from wheat and sheep.
He has experienced satisfying results with the products of Atlantic Fertilisers and says: “It is far more profitable than you would think”.

The use of Atlantic Fertilisers’ products and principles are becoming more favoured amongst grain producers. Atlantic Fertilisers offer solutions for a healthier approach to farming by focusing on the addition of lime, gypsum and micro-elements, where required in combination with organic fertiliser components.
Atlantic Fertiliser’s products not only support soil health, but also targets the revival of natural soil processes and sustainable farming.  Atlantic Fertilisers does not focus solely on their products, but also emphasizes mindset and lifestyle.
Contact our experts at Atlantic Fertilisers and work in conjunction on a progressive approach, for example, the addition of Trichoderma and the application of fish hydrolysate.

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